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♥Fluff Friday♥

Title: Snowed In
Author: [ profile] steinsgrrl
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Pairing: Tom/Bill
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I in no way intend to insinuate that any of the below actually happened. It is simply a piece of written entertainment based on the public personas of real people.
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Adult Content
Summary: The snow keeps falling whether Bill likes it or not. But maybe it's not such a bad thing, after all.
Author's Note: So many thanks to [ profile] ma_chelle for the quick beta and amazing feedback. You're a gem, my dear.♥ Also, thank you to Tokiobillhotel for the lovely banner! Written for Fluff Friday, though I think this may be more smut than fluff. You be the judge!

Bill pulled the curtain back and peered out into the blinding white on the other side of the glass. “When did they say it’s gonna stop?”

“Tomorrow,” Tom's muffled answer came from the kitchen, where he was putting away the last of the dishes. “Maybe the next day. They aren’t sure.”

“It’s never gonna stop. We’ll be snowed in for days.” Bill wrinkled his nose and dropped his forehead to the window before grunting and pulling his head back quickly and trying to rub the cold from his skin.

Tom slid his arms around Bill’s waist, pulling his brother to him and resting his chin on Bill’s shoulder. “What’d you do?”

With a sigh, Bill leaned back against Tom and smiled, chagrined. “Um. Put my forehead on the window.”

Tom snorted lightly in his ear. “Cold, huh?”

“Shut up.” Bill turned and went in for a kiss, his lips just barely brushing Tom's as his fingers stealthily crept up Tom's sides before digging in for a tickle. Tom barked out a laugh, his arms clamping down on Bill’s hands, frantic fingers trying to push his brother’s away.

As soon as Tom started laughing, the pups came running, their nails skittering on the hard wood floor. Barking joyfully, their tails wagging from side to side so hard that a couple of them almost fell over, the dogs gathered around the twins’ staggering feet.

“Okay, okay!” Tom wheezed, grabbing Bill’s wrists and squeezing just hard enough to make his brother fall back. Bill was breathing hard, himself, and Tom pulled Bill’s arms around him, still holding his wrists at the small of Tom's back. “You got the dogs all excited.”

Bill hummed and pressed himself fully against Tom, murmuring into his neck, “By the feel of it, not just the dogs got excited. Kinda kinky, Tom.”

Tom blushed and pulled Bill harder against him, biting playfully at his neck and grinning when Bill shivered and trapped Tom's head between his ear and his shoulder. Tom grunted, somewhere between a laugh and a groan, wanting to push his brother up against the wall. He wanted to touch him and ravish him and god, he wanted to just take Bill, hard and fast and hot up against the pristine white plaster. But now that Bill had gotten the dogs going, there’d be no shutting them up until they went outside. They needed some running and some roughhousing and some playing and then maybe Tom could roughhouse and play a little with Bill.

“Let’s go outside. Take the dogs out,” Tom suggested, rubbing his lips against Bill’s hair, black and silky under sensitive flesh. “They need to play, now that you got them all riled up.”

“What?” Bill looked back over his shoulder at what looked like mountains of snow in their yard. “Tom, it’s horrible out there! It’s cold and wet and that,” he said, pointing out the window, “is more snow than we’ve seen in our whole life. And you wanna go out there?”

“It could be fun! They’ll love playing in the snow.” Tom waded through the dogs jockeying around his ankles, opened the door to the coat closet and started digging through the box that held their gloves and hats. He produced a pair of matching gloves and hat for Bill and turned to find Bill’s arms were crossed over his chest and he was giving Tom a decidedly dubious look.

“You really are serious.” Bill frowned and squinted at him.

“I’m serious. It’s not that big of a deal; it’s just snow. We’ll play with the dogs for a while, come in and have a warm bath. Find other ways to warm up.” Tom winked and Bill rolled his eyes, a tiny smile pulling at his lips.

“I should have known.”

Tom smiled, unabashedly.

“Alright, fine. Gimme those.” Bill playfully snatched the gloves and hat out of Tom's hand and went to get dressed.


The dogs, it turned out, loved the deep snow, just as Tom said they would. Bill was freezing, the frigid wind whipping around his face, making his eyes water and his nose run, even wrapped under one of Tom's expensive, designer scarves. He didn’t mind as much as he thought he would, though; he was having too much fun.

Skittles bounded past him, chasing the yellow tennis ball that Tom threw, and when it landed with a thud in the snow, dusting the auburn pup in fine, white powder, Skittles dived right in for it. She wiggled and dug down until she found it and tried to get her mouth around it. Sometimes she could, sometimes she couldn’t; the ball was a bit too big for the dachshund’s little mouth, and Bill cooed, sympathetically.

“Skittles, c’mere!” He called, with enthusiasm, trying to get the puppy to forget that ball she wanted so much. “C’mere, come get this!” He bent down and scooped up a double handful of snow and packed it together in his hands, forming it into a ball smaller than the tennis ball. “Tom, watch!”

Tom turned around just as Skittles came running to Bill, her hind end wiggling and her tongue hanging out. Her big, brown eyes were excited and playful and Bill grinned as he tossed the snowball lightly into the air over Skittles’ head. She jumped up, balancing on her back legs as she tried to catch the ‘ball’, only to have it disintegrate just as she caught it between her jaws. She looked around for it, turning in circles and searching the snow around them while Bill cackled and clapped gloved hands together.

“Aw, that’s just mean!” Tom scolded, laughing.

“No, it’s not. She likes it; watch.” Bill scooped up another handful of snow and packed it together, Skittles at his feet and never taking her eyes off the snow in Bill’s hands. “She’ll catch it this time.”

Tom watched, keeping his eye on the snowball, right up till when Bill changed direction and threw the snowball directly at him, hitting him in the chest and splattering snow up his neck and into his scarf. Tom's mouth dropped open. “Hey!” His eyes narrowed and he advanced on his brother, pulling his gloves on tighter.

Bill squeaked and turned, only making it a couple meters before Tom caught him, tackling him into a snow drift. He scrambled to sit up, straddling Bill and trying desperately to dig his fingers under Bill’s coat. Bill threw his head back in a laugh, snorting his protests and bucking and squirming in the Bill-shaped crater in the snow, only serving to make his jacket slide up and let Tom's fingers in. Tom crowed triumphantly and the dogs bounced around them, barking and nipping at Tom's pants, pulling at him, but Tom paid no mind; he was busy tickling Bill into submission.

“Okay, okay, stop!” Bill panted, grunting under the assault, and when it didn’t stop right away, he knew he had to take desperate measures. He stopped trying to grab Tom's hands through his coat, reached up and fisted Tom's scarf, wrapped it around his gloved hand and dragged his brother down for a wet, cold kiss. Bill’s tongue thrust between Tom's lips and Tom whimpered around it, helplessly. Bill couldn’t help but smile into the kiss and slid a hand around Tom's neck.

“Hey,” Tom's panted breath was warm and moist over Bill’s lips. “Inside. We need to move this inside.”

It was dangerous to do this outside; Bill knew that. Anyone could be hanging around with a camera, just waiting to snap an explosive picture to post on the internet or sell to Bild, and although Bill didn’t think any paparazzi or stalkers would be around in such awful weather, he supposed his brother was right; they couldn’t take that chance. He yanked Tom down for just one more, hard kiss before planting his palms on Tom's chest and pushing him off.


The house seemed so hot when they all went inside that Bill began to sweat almost as soon the door closed behind them. They quickly divested themselves of their layers of outerwear, dropping each item to the floor and leaving it in a haphazard pile. Each taking a little dog and a big dog, the twins toweled them off just inside the door, rubbing the cloths carefully in between the pads of the pup’s toes where little ice chunks had formed. Once that was done and the dogs had wandered off for a well deserved nap, Bill wasted no time in dragging his brother into their bedroom and pushing him none too gently onto the bed. Tom landed on his back with an “Ooph” and grinned up at his twin.

“Hey,” Tom said, quietly, as Bill made quick work of his clothes, tossing them behind him as he stripped. “Hey, wait. Slow down.” And then Tom lost his breath as Bill climbed over the top of him, settling himself in Tom's lap. Tom’s eyes skimmed the flushed planes of Bill’s smooth skin, the lean muscles just below the surface flexing and moving as Bill slowly undulated his hips and ground himself into Tom and he almost forgot why it was exactly he wanted Bill to slow down. The pale bruise in the tender valley between Bill’s hip and groin reminded him. “Baby, stop.”

Bill did, as soon as the words left Tom's lips. He cocked his head, eyebrows raised. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong. I just…” Tom trailed his fingers down Bill’s chest, flitting over to trace the black inked letters etched into his brother’s side. “This is so dumb.”

“Uh uh,” Bill replied. “Tell me.” He leaned in, dropping light and easy kisses on the corner of Tom's lips and over his chin. “What?”

“I just,” he started again. “Okay, we were kinda rough last night, yeah?” Tom felt his face heat up and he wanted to duck away, leave the room, do anything to hide his face right now.

“Yeah, and?”

“And,” Tom sighed, “I wanna go slow. Let’s just slow down. Like…” Tom gulped and his mouth felt like a sponge wrung dry of water. He felt so dumb being nervous about saying it, but he was. He couldn’t help it.

Realization dawned on Bill’s face and his eyes lit up with a smile. “Oh,” he breathed. “You don’t want to fuck, you want to make love.”

Tom groaned, partially because his cock twitched just hearing those words come out of Bill’s beautiful mouth, but also because just those words, ‘making love’, seemed so…girly, that they made Tom cringe. His feelings were all mixed up, and he was turned on and embarrassed. But Bill was his twin and of course he knew what Tom meant; he was just glad Bill hadn’t made him say it. “Yeah, that.”

“We can do that.” Bill rested his forearms on either side of Tom's head, trapping him there, suckling gentle kisses down Tom's cheek and neck. “We can definitely do that.”

Bill nosed Tom's braids aside, making pleased little noises at the taste of the flesh under his tongue and Tom's hands roamed Bill’s skin, soft under his rough fingertips. As Bill moved down, he took Tom's clothes with him, stripping him slowly, gently, as if scared he might move too quickly and break the quiet spell they seemed to be under.

Tom's eyes never left his brother, watching as Bill feasted his own eyes on each new bit of Tom's skin that he uncovered. And as Bill’s eyes grew darker, his pupils grew larger, Tom grew harder. Tom and Bill had done many wonderful things together, seen so many beautiful places and things around the world, but there was nothing more beautiful in Tom's eyes than his brother’s face or his brother’s flushed skin when Bill was turned on.

Bill pulled Tom's socks off and tossed them on the damp pile by the bed, fixing Tom with a look that made his belly flip. He slithered up Tom's body, sliding chilly flesh against Tom's own and Tom gasped.

“God, you’re cold!” He rubbed his hands briskly up and down Bill’s arms and down his back as Bill hovered over the top of him. Bill’s hair was damp from the snow, his bangs hanging down into his eyes and he pushed it aside while Tom tried to warm him.

“We can find a better way to warm up, don’t you think?” Bill smirked and ducked his head, catching Tom's lips with his own and suckling on Tom's tongue, pushing their bellies together and rubbing against him until Tom was whimpering into Bill’s mouth. Tom wanted to nod, since Bill asked the question, but this one was going to have to be rhetorical, whether it really was or not, because there was no way Tom was going to be coherent enough even to get his head to nod. He was working on feel and taste and love, alone; thinking had no business here.

Bill moved down, centimeter by teasing centimeter, soft skin warming, sliding over him, and Tom's heart thudded in his chest. His brother’s hair was messy, ruffled by the snow and roughhousing, and Tom's fingers carded through the strands. Blunt nails scraped at Bill’s scalp as Tom held back his urge to push his brother down faster—an urge he almost gave in to when Bill let out a warm sigh and nuzzled his cheek against Tom's cock. It was painfully hard against his belly and Tom groaned out his impatience.

Bill raised his head and Tom pushed his bangs from where they’d fallen in his brother’s eyes. Bill gave him a pout, his wet bottom lip plumped out. “This was your idea,” Bill reminded him, his voice teasing, and Tom wanted to grab the back of Bill’s head and thrust into his mouth; no warning, no mercy.

Instead, he gritted his teeth and grabbed at the comforter, fisting up the thick cloth on either side of his hips. His leg muscles strained at he struggled to keep his ass on the bed.
“Mhm.” Bill nuzzled into him again, the soft warmth of Bill’s cheek stroking over and around Tom's erection. That friction alone wasn’t much, but it was good. It was really good, and between that and Bill’s breath spilling over him in soft, panting waves, Tom didn’t know how he’d even manage not to lose it if Bill…when Bill—

Bill opened his lips as Tom watched, licked them with a wet tongue several shades darker than the plump, pink lips it trailed over. With a heavy lidded gaze locked on Tom, Bill slid back Tom's foreskin, licked a stripe up his cock and sucked it into his mouth in one, long movement.

“Ngggh!” Tom scrabbled harder at the comforter, grabbing up the fabric until it was tented on either side of him. Bill’s head bobbed slowly in his lap, slurping around Tom's heated flesh before wrapping long, slim fingers around the base, stroking leisurely while his tongue swept circles around the swollen, red cock head.

Bill moaned from somewhere in the back of his throat, and Tom nearly lost it. He dropped the comforter, now wrinkled and sweaty, and started to sit up, angling his cock away from Bill’s perfect mouth. Too much of a good thing and their lovemaking would be over before it had really gotten started.

“I was liking that,” Bill complained, as Tom tucked a palm behind Bill’s neck and pulled him back up to crush his lips against Bill’s.

“So was I. A little too much. That was the problem.” He flicked the tip of his tongue over Bill’s lips. “I like it when they’re all swollen and sexy from sucking on me.”

A whimper escaped those swollen lips and Bill’s closed his eyes as Tom trailed kisses over his chin, down his neck; tasting the damp of his skin, feeling the beat of Bill's heart under his lips. Pulling back, he traced a finger down Bill’s throat, down the path he’d just come, and brought it further, down to circle Bill’s pierced nipple before laving a flat tongue over it while Bill keened and dug his nails into Tom's shoulders.

“That’s it,” Bill panted. “That’s it, I can’t take anymore.” He pushed Tom off and scrambled to the bedside table. “Is it still making love if we just skip to the main event now?”

Tom stretched on his side and propped his head on his elbow, trying not to snicker. “Now who’s getting impatient?”

Retrieving the bottle of lube from the drawer, Bill crawled back and lay on his back, snuggling his shoulder into Tom's. “Sorry, I know you want to—“

Tom plucked the bottle from Bill’s hand and smothered his brother’s apology with his lips, kissing him deeply and thoroughly.

Bill helped with flipping open the lid of the lube and pouring a thin stream onto Tom's fingers and Tom wasted no time in dipping them under Bill’s balls, making Bill shiver as the chill of the slick liquid touched his puckered hole.

Tom breathed out a sigh and slid his finger in slowly but steadily, until it was deep inside his brother, with Bill’s smooth, silken walls clenching and relaxing around it. He rested his forehead on Bill’s temple and moved his finger in and out while Bill breathed deeply, his hips starting to stutter up to meet Tom's fingering.

“It’s not going to take much. I’m still stretched from last night,” Bill murmured. Tom nodded and added another finger, just to be safe. Bill opened his legs further, though, rubbing his thigh teasingly against Tom's erection and Tom gave in. He withdrew his fingers and lubed them up again, rubbing a generous coating over his dick before rising up on his knees between Bill’s legs.

“Like this?” Tom paused over him, the head of his cock smearing precome over Bill’s entrance.

Bill furrowed his brows for a moment before scooting out from under his brother. “No,” he said, settling on his knees with his hands on the top of the headboard. “Like this.”

Tom followed, kneeling up behind him and pulling one milky cheek aside with his thumb. Holding his dick steady, he entered Bill, his breath coming out in a low, measured hum as Bill dropped his head to rest his forehead on his knuckles.

“Okay?” Tom bent over Bill’s back, molding his chest to it as he slid the rest of the way in.

Bill nodded, his hair moving in soft waves over his neck, and he pushed back into Tom, clenching around him as he did. Tom grunted into Bill’s shoulder, his belly hardening as he thrust forward again. Bill was making pretty, encouraging noises, whispering words just under his breath. Tom couldn’t hear them but he didn’t have to; his heart knew what Bill said.

They moved together in a rhythm they’d worked out over the years, the rhythm that had them grasping at each other, fingers pressing into pliant skin, muscles straining and releasing, their breath coming in uneven gasps. Tom grazed over Bill’s spot, and the harder Bill clamped around him, the more Tom hit that spot, until Bill was a whimpering, quivering mess. His fingernails dug into the wood of their headboard and his arms shook beneath his own weight.

Tom wrapped strong arms, now damp with a sheen of sweat, around Bill’s waist and held him close, his back glued to Tom's chest as he rested on his heels. Bill covered Tom's hands with his own, his fingers, grey tipped and manicured, mingling with his brother’s and holding on as Tom thrust up into him. There couldn’t have been a single better place in this world right about then, not a single place that Bill would have rather been, and he dropped his head back to Tom's shoulder with a cry of his brother’s name.

And that was all it took for Tom. Bill moaning out his name was enough to almost send him over the edge, but he was determined not to go alone. He quickly palmed Bill’s erection, sliding the foreskin up and down over the slippery head, and he could feel Bill’s toes curl where they were tucked between his knees. Bill grabbed at Tom's thighs and turned his head. “Tomi.”

In all the years they’d been together, Tom had never gotten over Bill’s beauty. He’d never gotten over the way that a single look from his brother could have his belly doing cartwheels and turn his knees to jelly. Still, nothing compared to the look that Bill gave him right before he came, the look Bill gave him right before he claimed Tom's lips and breathed a deep groan into Tom's mouth and came, spurting over their comforter and dripping down Tom's knuckles.

That look, that sound, and Bill’s clamping down hard on him, had Tom scraping his teeth over Bill's shoulder, pushing into him with long, slow thrusts until the white faded from behind his eyelids and Tom remembered how to breathe.

They sank down into the blankets with a groan, their knees finally giving out. Sweat cooled on Bill's skin and he shivered, even with Tom's arms wrapped tightly around him. Still, he was sated and drowsy and couldn't be bothered to get under the covers. Tom's forehead rested against his shoulder as he tried to catch his breath. His cornrows were fuzzy, in need of re-braiding, and errant hairs tickled Bill's nose as he dropped a kiss between them. "Was that what you were looking for? I'm not sure that was quite 'making love'."

Tom hummed from deep in his chest and stirred, kissing slowly up Bill's neck and jaw till he reached his lips. "I was thinking." His fingers stroked lightly down Bill's side, making him squirm. "I think it doesn't matter what someone else would call it. When I'm with you, inside you or just touching you, making you feel good," Tom said, the rough pads of his fingertips just ghosting over Bill's spent cock, now softening against his leg, "that's making love." His face flamed with heat just saying those words, but they were true. As far as he was concerned, they were true. It didn't matter if they did it fast or slow, in bed or not; when he was with Bill, it was always making love.

Bill slid down and turned on his side until he was eye to eye with his brother. Tom's face was flushed and his eyes flickered over Bill's, moving away before finally meeting them again and locking on them. He couldn't help but grin when Tom bit his lip, nervously.

"You're such a sap, Tom."

Tom grimaced. "I am not!"

"You are!" Bill shoved his shoulder, so lightly that Tom barely moved. "You're a romantic." He nodded, knowingly and Tom poked him back.

"Whatever. Shut up." He huffed and kissed the tip of Bill's nose, rolling away and stretching as he headed toward the bathroom. Bill watched him until he got to the door, then crawled under the blankets, snuggling down into them. As soon as Tom had gotten up, he'd taken his heat with him.

A soft thump came from outside their window and Bill's adrenaline spiked as his eyes shot toward the unexpected noise before he realized it was just snow falling from the roof and landing in the snow drift below. Huge flakes of white were still falling, piling up faster than before, and Bill closed his eyes with a smile.

"What are you grinning about?" Tom asked, sliding under the covers as Bill took the damp rag Tom offered. He quickly cleaned himself and tossed the cloth over the side of the bed.

"We're snowed in," Bill replied, dipping his head and worming his way into Tom's arms, tangling long legs with his brother's.

"Yeah, I thought you were upset about that."

"I was," Bill said, every part of him pressing against Tom, making him warm and drowsy. "Until I realized we'd be snowed in with no one but the pups needing anything from us," he murmured sleepily against Tom's chest. "Just you and me, Tom. It could be days before we can leave."

Tired and content with an armful of Bill, Tom really hoped it would be. He pulled the blanket up, tucking it around Bill's shoulder, and let his eyes drift closed.

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