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Title: Ghost Spray
Author: [ profile] steinsgrrl
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Pairing: Tom/Bill
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I in no way intend to insinuate that any of the below actually happened. It is simply a piece of written entertainment based on the public personas of real people.
Rating: G
Warnings: Twincest-not related
Summary: Janni has a nightmare and is convinced there are ghosts in her room. What's a good daddy to do?
Author's Note: For [ profile] tearose99 and [ profile] angelica95, for all their love and support. :) And a big thank you so much to [ profile] ma_chelle for the beta.

“NO! NO!”

Tom sat straight up at the scream that echoed through the darkness, his eyes wide and unseeing. Bill’s arm slid off him and he turned over, mumbling in his sleep.

“Daddy!” Janni yelled from her room, and the puppies curled up at the end of their bed barely lifted their heads as Tom rushed from the bed, not bothering to put on a robe over his boxers or tee shirt. He flung open Janni’s bedroom door to find her groaning and muttering under her covers. She was still asleep, but obviously having a nightmare.

“Janni,” Tom said, quietly. He wanted to wake her up but not startle her when she came around. “Janni, wake up. You’re having a bad dream.” He sat next to her on the bed and she curled around him instinctively. He brushed damp hair off her sweaty forehead before shaking her shoulder gently. “Hey, little girl, wake up.”

“No! Go--” Janni twitched and opened her eyes as Tom shook her again. She blinked up at him, her eyes blank as if she didn’t recognize him.

“Hey,” Tom said, bending down to press his lips against her temple. “You had a bad dream, honey. You okay?”

She furrowed her brows as she gazed at him before light seemed to dawn in her eyes and her face crumpled. Two big, fat tears rolled down her cheeks before Tom could gather her up and pull her onto his lap. She sobbed into his shoulder while he petted her hair and murmured soothing sounds next to her ear.

“It’s okay, it really is. I’m here; Daddy’s here, and nothing can hurt you, okay? Bill is here, too. Nothing’s gonna get our little girl, right? We’ll fight ‘em off, won’t we?” Tom told her, hugging her tightly.

Janni nodded against him and took deep, shuddering breaths. Squirming, she pulled back and looked around the room.

“But there were ghosts, Daddy. Under my bed and in my closet and everywhere. There are ghosts in my room.” She clung to his neck and fidgeted down until her head was against his chest.

“Honey, there aren’t any ghosts. I promise you. You want me to look?”

Janni shook her head violently, her hair tickling his belly. He gathered it up in his hand and tucked it behind her shoulder. “No, you can’t look; they’ll get you!” She shuddered as she hugged him tightly. “They have big, ugly mouths and sharp teeth and swirly eyes!”

“Swirly eyes?” Tom was trying to picture it but he was tired and it just wasn’t happening.

“Like those things I saw on TV, when the guy was trying to hyptatize that lady, ‘member?”

“Hypta…Oh! The funny show we saw the other night with the hypnotist? He used the black and white swirly circle thing to help hypnotize people?”

Janni nodded again and Tom frowned. He’d have never guessed that something like that could give her nightmares. “Are you doing better now? Ready to lie back down and go back to sleep?”

“No, Daddy!” Janni’s arms clasped around him. “There’s still ghosts here, I said!”

Tom’s shoulders slumped. What was he supposed to do? He was tired, he had to work in the morning. Janni had school. He couldn’t stay up with her all night. Glancing at her window, Tom saw that it was still dark and obviously too early to call and ask Simone what to do. He groaned to himself. Pesky ghosts.

And then he sat upright again, Janni twitching on his lap and curling in closer. “Don’t go, Daddy.”

Tom had to go, but he would take Janni with him. “Come on,” he said, picking Janni up with a grunt and carrying her out the door.

“Where are we going?” Janni wrapped her legs around Tom’s waist and held on, looking over her shoulder.

“To the laundry room.”


“To get the ghost spray.” Tom said, proudly.

“Ghost spray?” Janni asked, sounding confused.

“Yep! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I saw this television program once that was all about ghosts and where they live and how to get rid of them. And they said if you have ghosts in just one room, you can use ghost spray. So you know what I did, little girl?” Tom asked, as they reached the laundry room and he opened the cupboard over the dryer.

“Huh uh,” Janni answered.

“Since I am the most awesome daddy ever, I bought some. Just in case. How smart am I?” Tom grinned at her, pulling a cream colored spray can out of the cupboard.

“Yeah! That’s pretty smart, Daddy.” Janni said, though she still sounded skeptical.

“Okay, let’s go do this. Get rid of these pesky ghosts so you can get some sleep!”

When they got back to Janni’s room, Tom opened the door with a flourish and turned on her overhead light. He held the can straight out in front of him, his finger poised on the trigger.

“You ready to do this?” Tom asked, his eyes wide as he looked at her sideways.

“Yeah! You get ‘em, Daddy!” Janni bounced on his hip and patted her hands on his shoulders.

“Okay!” Tom pressed the trigger and the spray shot out before them, spraying in strategic spots; under the bed, under the desk, filling the room with scent as he moved through it. “Hold your breath, little girl! You don’t want to breathe ghost spray.” He dumped her on the bed and sprayed over by the closet as she sucked in some air and held it, her cheeks poofed out.

When he was done spraying, Tom hurried to the window and opened it. The breeze helped whisk some of the scent out of the room, and Janni let out a rushed breath, panting. “Can I breathe now?”

Tom looked around the room. “I think you can. Are they gone? I think we got ‘em, didn’t we?”

Janni looked around, too, her lips blooming a smile. “They’re all gone, Daddy. I think you sprayed them right out the window!”

“I think so, too.” Tom grinned and pulled Janni’s covers back so she could slip under them. “Now you try to get some sleep, okay? We still have to get up early, you know.”

“I know.” Janni climbed into bed and pulled her covers up tight under her arms, pulling Brownie to her chest. “Thanks for getting the ghosts away.”

“You’re welcome, honey. Goodnight.” Tom kissed her cheek and patted her shoulder, before heading to the door and turning off the light.

Back in his room, Tom set the can of ghost spray on their dresser as quietly as he could. He slid between the covers and Bill flipped over to face him, wrapping long arms around him and snuggling into his chest.

Bill hummed against his skin, then sniffed. And sniffed again. Then twice again, before sitting up on his elbow and rubbing a thumb and forefinger over his eyes.

“Tom? Why does the house smell like vanilla air freshener?”

Tom smiled, sleepily, and pulled Bill back down to his shoulder. “Just spraying away the ghosts.”

He felt Bill’s lashes flick against his skin as Bill blinked. “Um. What?”

Tom chuckled. “I’ll tell you tomorrow, baby. Get some sleep.”

Bill nuzzled into him and sighed, already working on it.

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