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Title: Daddy's Day
Author: [ profile] steinsgrrl
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Pairing: Tom/Bill
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I in no way intend to insinuate that any of the below actually happened. It is simply a piece of written entertainment based on the public personas of real people.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Twincest-not related
Summary: Bill catches Tom and Janni making him breakfast in bed for Father's Day, but that's not the only surprise they have in store for him.
Author's Note: If it's possible to overdose on fluff, this just might do it. I wrote this back in December, meaning to post it on Father's Day but it took too long to finish "Janni". Thank you, as always, to [ profile] ma_chelle for the beta, though I did edit more when she was done, so any mistakes you may find are all mine.

It felt like Bill had just gotten to sleep when his cell phone alarm went off, muffled by the thickness of his feather pillow. He reached for it, smacking his lips as he pushed the button that turned it off. Why had he let Tom keep him up half the night when he knew he'd have to get up early today?

He sat up carefully, so as not to disturb Tom, his muscles aching as he moved. It was only hours ago that he had sat on Tom's lap while Tom had sat against their headboard and held Bill's hips while Bill writhed atop him. Oh, now Bill remembered why he let Tom keep him up so late.

Smiling to himself, Bill felt around for his pajama pants, not remembering where he tossed them off the side of the bed and not able to spot them in the low light of morning, stealing around the edges of their curtains. Sliding them on, he tiptoed from the bedroom, closing the door with the quietest snick behind him. He stopped at the bathroom to relieve himself before washing his hands and brushing his teeth. It wasn't like he was going to put makeup on for this but he at least wanted to not have morning breath.

Janni's bedroom door was open just a crack and Bill pushed it open further, poking his head through the opening. Her nightlight was still on and he should have been able to see her perfectly. And he would have...if she had still been in bed.

No, her bed was empty, save for Brownie, who had been casually discarded, upside down next to Janni's pillow.

Bill frowned and closed the door behind him, out of reflex. He was supposed to wake her up this morning and now had no idea where she'd gotten off to. She wasn't in the bathroom; he'd just been in there. She hadn't climbed in bed with him and Tom; that little girl kicked like a wild donkey in her sleep and he certainly would have noticed before his alarm woke him. That left downstairs.

He was halfway down the stairs before he heard the voices. He stopped, his heart thumping in his chest as he held his breath. There were whispers coming from the kitchen, along with the rattle of plates and a high pitched giggle. Then the heady scent of fresh brewed coffee hit his nose, overlaying the delicious sweetness of waffles cooking, and Bill nearly floated down the stairs before coming to a screeching halt at the door to the kitchen.

One of the counter tops was dusted in flour, another one, splattered in a butter yellow mix. The milk carton sat warming next to the tub of melting butter and a cutting board sat upright in the sink, bright orange liquid drips running down the white plastic. A big pitcher orange juice sat next to it, surrounded by the shells of fully ripened oranges. The kitchen looking like a Denny's had exploded inside of it, and Bill's eyes widened as he focused on Tom and Janni at the counter, two still and hopeful pups sitting patiently at their feet.

Tom was hovering over a waffle iron, sniffing at the fragrant steam that curled from the edges and holding Janni back as she strained to get close enough to smell, too.

"You're gonna burn yourself, little girl." Tom poked at her with the fork he'd been using to lift the waffles out of the iron and she giggled, batting at his hand.

"But it smells so yummy!" Janni rubbed at her eyes and Bill smiled as she hiked her pajama pants up. He'd bought them for her only a couple days ago, as she'd insisted she had to have these pajamas with kitties on them, even if they were a size too big. Bill had told her they would just fall right off of her but of course she didn't want to hear that, so he bought them, figuring she'd get annoyed enough with pulling them up all the time and she'd put them away until they actually fit.

"They do smell yummy, but you don't want to get all burned and not be able to take these up to Bill, do you?" Tom glanced back at Janni before his startled gaze flicked up to meet Bill's. His lips quirked up and he winked. "Janni, will you put that milk away? We can't leave it sit out or it will go bad."

"Okay." Janni was close to whining but she lifted the heavy carton off the counter while Tom gestured for Bill to go around the corner. It made Bill nervous, watching Janni trying to get the refrigerator open with her heavy load but he backed up a couple steps, and then a couple more as Tom planted a palm against his chest and pushed lightly.

"Go back to bed," Tom hissed.

"What are you doing?" It should have seemed obvious, but Bill didn't want to assume.

"We're making you breakfast in bed." Tom turned him around and walked him to the bottom of the stairs, twin dogs winding around their legs.

"Oh, really?" Bill grinned and propped a bare foot on the bottom step.

"Yes, really. Now don't ruin the surprise for her!" He kissed Bill's shoulder and shooed him up the stairs with both hands.

The bedroom was lighter than when he left it, the sun starting to peek further over the horizon since he had gone downstairs, and he crawled between the rumpled sheets to wait for his breakfast. He closed his eyes tightly, thinking maybe if it took them more than a few minutes to finish up making those waffles, he might actually be able to fall back to sleep. He rolled over on his side and pulled Tom's pillow to him, inhaling his love's scent and melting into the mattress.

He didn't know how much time had passed when he heard the giggle and the scuffle of dog feet outside their door, but the sunlight coming through the window hadn't gotten much brighter when he opened his eyes. The delicious scents from the kitchen had followed Tom and Janni upstairs and his belly growled as the bedroom door opened.

"Shhh," Tom's voice urged. "Wait until we get over there. Are you sure you can carry that?"

"Yes," Janni hissed, impatiently, as if she'd already answered that question several times. "You have to wake him up, though."

"No, you wake him up. Just tell him what you practiced."

"What if he doesn't like it? What if he says I can't--" The uncertainty in her voice made Bill's chest clench and he wanted to sit up and hug her close to him, to reassure her that whatever it was, he would definitely like it. Before he could, however, Tom interrupted her.

"You know something? I bet he will love it. I bet he will more than love it," Tom said softly, his voice slightly muffled, and Bill could just see him standing next to Janni, squeezing her shoulders and murmuring encouragement into her hair where he'd just dropped a kiss.

"Okay," she said, not sounding at all too sure. "Papa?"

Bill didn't move. Papa?

"Papa? Wake up! We made you breakfast for Father's Day," Janni said tentatively, and it dawned on Bill that Janni was talking to him. But she called him Papa. Confused, he rolled over to face his family.

Janni and Tom stood next to the bed, Tom still in his pajama bottoms, looking the slightest bit frazzled, and Janni in the brand new dress that she had picked out with her brand new pajamas. She had cleaned up, her hair combed and falling neatly, gathered in low pigtails. She smiled a wobbly smile at him as she showed him the tray she held, laden with heart shaped waffles sprinkled with powdered sugar, a large mug of steaming coffee and a tall glass of orange juice.

"Papa, we made you breakfast for Father's Day." Janni had called him Papa and he thought his heart might burst on the spot. She took a tiny step toward him and he realized he was staring, his mouth slack.

"Oh!" Bill sat up and Tom ran around the bed to tuck Bill's pillows and his own behind Bill's back, propping him up against the headboard. "This is all for me?"

Janni brought the tray to the bed and tried to lift it up higher, finally looking to Tom for help. Before Tom could reach her, Bill held out his hands to help her place the tray over his legs. He patted the bed next to him and Janni clambered over his legs to settle between Bill and Tom, who had stretched out on his side of the bed. Janni lifted Bill's arm and ducked under it, wrapping it around herself and snuggling into his chest. He grinned down at her before dropping a light kiss on her soft hair.

"You did all of this for me? But you and I were going to make breakfast for Daddy, remember?" Bill met Tom's eyes over the top of Janni's head and Tom smirked at him. "You knew, didn't you?" he asked Tom, but Tom merely shrugged a shoulder.

"I told Daddy we were going to make him breakfast, but he said we should make you breakfast, instead." Janni's fingers played with the lip of the wooden tray, smoothing her nails over the grain before sneaking up to pick at the edge of his waffle. Bill broke a piece off and dabbed it over the rest of the waffle, gathering more sugar on it before holding the little morsel in front of her lips. Janni's eyes twinkled and she opened her mouth and quickly snatched it out of his fingers with her teeth, chewing and humming her approval.

"I thought we should do something nice, since it's your first Father's Day as a real dad." Tom squeezed his leg through the blankets and suddenly Bill couldn't focus on anything. Everything was watery and shimmery and he swallowed hard, trying not to let the tears fall.

"And then I told Daddy that since you are my other daddy, I shouldn't just call you Bill. But I couldn't call you Daddy, 'cause that's Daddy's name! So Daddy told me a whole bunch of other names the kids call their daddy and then..." Janni ran out of air and took a deep breath. "I decided that I like Papa. And Daddy thinks Papa is a good name for me to call you. Do you like it? Can I call you Papa?" She used Bill's chest as leverage to get up on her knees, the heels of her palms digging into his ribs, but he didn't mind at all.

Bill touched her face and smoothed a few loose hairs out of her eyes, making her blink as she shimmered before him. He never would have guessed a year ago that he'd be where he was now; in love with the most beautiful man he'd ever known, living in a house in the suburbs, with the sweetest little girl looking up at him and wanting so much to call him her own Papa.

She looked at him with so much hope and love, and Bill pulled her in, wrapping his arms around her, hugging her tightly until she grunted a protest. Even then, he didn't let her go, but held her more carefully, more tenderly.

"I would be proud for you to call me Papa, Janni." He had trouble getting the words out over the lump in his throat but Janni didn't seem to mind. She pulled back just far enough to fling her arms around his neck and hug him tight. Bill closed his eyes, reveling in the feeling of his daughter's… his daughter's hug. When he opened them again, Tom was watching him, blinking quickly with his head tilted and a small smile on his face.

Bill echoed his smile and Tom took his hand, holding it behind Janni's back. Bill squeezed it with gentle fingers and whispered over Janni's head. "Thank you."

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